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A House for the Dead and a Porch for the Dying

by David E. Williams

Gonna waste you, little girl and it's time that you were told this. There's a place for you in this world and that's in my soapdish. Call me a cold Caiaphus a sight for psoriasis. Innocence, deny us thus this love. And fine as the line where a rape becomes a murder… my life, a shambles my wife, a chandelier. She wouldn't break her habit so I broke three bones in her hand then I fed the dog a radish felt finished as a man. Said half a rosary in a single sigh no lie. She brought out all the good in me and taught it how to die. So now she's got the curse there in her deck chair sunning. The engines of the hearse are running.
Bloody autographs of his victims cake and decorate his cave and the rain that fell on Kensington smelled of aftershave when he photographed his dead mother as the peacefully sleeping bride of a groom called "Mr. Pineapplehead" with an apple chunk nose, maraschino eyes and he found a shiny penny in her private place: "God bless you, Mr. Lincoln. Every penny wears your face."
Widower 03:43


At the time, 1994, Headpress Magazine told you this: "David E. Williams has come up with a little gem in the form of his debut album. Williams sounds for all the world like the progeny of David Bowie, Crash Test Dummies with music and lyrics from Andrew Lloyd Weber in the final stages of cerebral cancer. With track titles like 'The Dead Hymen' and 'Thumbelina Toad Slut', one could be forgiven for expecting some tired nerve-shredding Death metal diapason. Instead we get something quite splendid, almost primitively unique. The songs, or dirges to be more accurate, delve into human anxieties, madness and perversion, the bizarre lyrics combining well with the symphonic instrumentals. 'Little Sap and Varicose', a blackly humorous number concerning a young boy watching his grandfather have a heart attack while masturbating, is particularly good. Other highpoints include 'Sandra Lindsey' a slow, enigmatic number with lyrics like: "Nephew's nibbling on a portion/of his girlfriend's last abortion/No scrotum of my son will be a cathedral/for maggot, mealworm or boweevil." The fact that Williams doesn't sing, more recites witha croaking groan, makes it all the more strange and alluring. The whole thing is a euphonious celebration of body fluids, aborted foetuses, disease, and death. Highly recommended."


released February 25, 1994

David E. Williams, Jerome Deppe, Drew Raison, Joe DiMattia, Mark Schreiber, Jack Gillespie and some other really cool people. Cover artwork, "Tiny Eva" by Judith Schaechter.


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David E. Williams Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

DAVID E. WILLIAMS has released numerous recordings of his demented chamber pop for over 3 decades, but he has also collaborated with other artists, such as Rozz Williams (Christian Death), Deathpile, Jerome Deppe, Naevus, Thomas Nola and Andrew King. He was also a fulltime member of The Muskets and Destroying Angel. ... more

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