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I Have Forgotten How to Love You

by David E. Williams

Altar Boy 03:14
Police Widow 01:26
Fear of Food 02:01


" Virtually unknown and undeservedly ignored, David E. Williams may be the greatest living musical genius to grace these shores since, well, since ever. An unimposing cross between Woody Allen and Rudolph Hoess, Williams' music ascends heights of psychotic perversity typically reserved for a good Ellie Wiesel page-turner, all tinged with enough obsessively neurotic hand-wringing to make even the most steeley-eyed sociopath nervous. I imagine a childhood spent dodging fleet-enema bags and schoolyard barbs, or maybe just a brainy suburbanite lad dispassionately pulling the wings off butterflies while his less prodigious peers trade bubble gum cards and head-lice. No matter the source, Williams' universe is one that must be experienced firsthand to be appreciated - and appreciate it you shall. This are stirringly lyrical portraits of the reality saner souls have chosen to ignore, a world populated with ruddy-complexioned Scout leaders who plunder the puckered rectums of their unwitting youthful charges and shifty-eyed Rohypnol rapists, content to stalk the parking lots of middle school sweetheart dances and garish neon roller rinks. Oh yeah, and you can dance to it." -- Joshua Buckley, THE BLACK FLAME

"Oh, what a troubadour. D.E. Williams is a unique individual who grafts a truly perverse lyric to splendid musical backing of lush orchestration, piano and horns. His singing voice that recounts these sick fantasies (covering several bodily fluids, tourniquets, rape, murder...) sounds like a tone deaf Nick Cave impersonating David Bowie, but Nick Cave was never this depraved, debauched or goddamn funny. ... " -- Tony Dickie, COMPULSION

"Williams' keyboard-dominated performances are dramatic and unforgettable, rendered with a harrowing voice and atmospheric guitar accompaniment. ,,,Yes, the songs are often despairing or morbid or disturbing - and on a satisfying number of occasions, all three at once. But the irrefutable strength of Mr. Williams' prolific body of work is that - regardless of subject matter - they are great songs, crafted with both honesty and wit and performed to hypnotic effect."-- Frank Moriarity, PHILADELPHIA WEEKLY


released January 1, 1996

DEW with Jerome Deppe, Joe DiMattia, Ken Brune, Lou Pepe, James Morykin and other cool folks. Recorded at Big Sky Audio, Springfield, PA USA, 1994-95. Originally released on Cthulhu Records, Germany, 1996. Front cover artwork, "Feeds on Fire" and booklet artwork "Follower with Flowers" by Judith Schaechter.


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David E. Williams Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

DAVID E. WILLIAMS has released numerous recordings of his demented chamber pop for over 3 decades, but he has also collaborated with other artists, such as Rozz Williams (Christian Death), Deathpile, Jerome Deppe, Naevus, Thomas Nola and Andrew King. He was also a fulltime member of The Muskets and Destroying Angel. ... more

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