Hope Springs a Turtle

by David E. Williams



Our catalog description: "After a long absence, this 2004 CD re-introduced the world to its favorite noir pop genius.
It's all Schadenfreude all the time, as Williams eschews his sentimental love songs in favor of "cold narrations" about curious pediatricians, game wardens, epilepsy fetishists and a certain star from Hogan's Heroes... redefined electro-symphonic chamber pop in curious, unmarketable ways."


released February 1, 2004

Recorded mostly at David's house mostly by David, with some notable help from Jerome Deppe.

The first D.E.W. CD Released on Old Europa Cafe, Italy (2004).

Artwork by BATES, "Self Portrait"



all rights reserved


David E. Williams Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

DAVID E. WILLIAMS has released numerous recordings of his demented chamber pop for close to 3 decades, but he has also collaborated with other artists, such as Rozz Williams (Christian Death), Deathpile, Blood Axis (as touring keyboardist), Jerome Deppe, Naevus, Thomas Nola and Andrew King. He is also a fulltime member of The Muskets and Destroying Angel. ... more

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Track Name: The Ballad of Bob Crane
Do you remember Bob Crane?
of Hogan's Heroes fame?
Handsome, not much of an actor,
amateur video pornographer.

And this was in an age
before videotaping was all the rage.
Sex was transient,
here and gone in a moment. . .

Except for Bob Crane.

And Bob had this friend
who might have indeed been
a better actor,
but he wasn't nearly as handsome.

Well, you can see
where this is going:
the two of them trawling for snatch
with Bob as the bait,
but that's OK
there were plenty of women to share
and plenty to rape
and plenty of tape
to shoot.

When Bob considered Jesus,
it left his buddy lean,
fishing for cans of oil
in a lake of gasoline.

Ladies and Gentleman,
this production
of Beginner's Luck had run.
The memory fogs my monocle:
the meat on the pillow that could have been anyone. . .

Well, it was Bob Crane.
Track Name: The Girl from the D'n D
The girl from the Dunkin' Donuts
was found hung upside down with her torso split open.
The tissues connecting her organs
to each other were cut in such a way that

whenever the wind blew, they shook all about
'til slowly one by one they fell out

some carried away by a hungry dog
some ending up in the kiddie pool.
Track Name: Grey Balloon Masquerading
In the absence of my industry
rings the clamor of folderol.
And a city echoes it differently
than the pasture solemnly recalled.

I carve a crutch on your public bus
but you under-agers never stray.
Stale breath I once spit away
lingers now throughout the day.

I find you very frustrating
(and I can't believe what your cost is!)
you grey balloon masquerading
as my favorite blood sausage

Prayers and bandages,
somebody stole the sandwiches I made!
Stale death I once tried to fight
cling to me this judgment night.

I'll be the fire to terrorize.
I'll be the fear in the eyes of the fallen.
I'll be the family of mice alive
in your elephantine colon.